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July 25, 2012
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After leaving from seeing the mayor for their first mission Niku and Tenma head off to the beach to look for the mayors relic stone.When on the beach They looked all over the place where the Pokemon who took her relic stone might be. Tenma had gotten tired and was about to sit down where something whiffed by his feet and tripped him. when he got back up it tripped him again. Niku was watching him the whole time and laughed. Tenma couldn't take it anymore and when he got back up he jumped up to see what was tripping him. It was a Tynamo!

As soon as Tenma saw that it was a Tynamo he tried to grab it but ended up flat on his face because the Tynamo was faster then him. Then Tynamo whiffed around to Niku and stole her bag, then it started heading up the beach into a forest. Niku and Tenma chased after it.
When in the forest Niku, chasing after the Tyanmo with Tenma, had heard a Screeching sound, Tenma heard it too but was ignoring it because he was looking for Tynamo who wasn't in sight. Tenma had looked up while looking and saw a Braviary coming right at him! He started running towards Niku and told her to start running. When running from the angry Braviary, Niku had spotted the Tynamo with her bag and started running after it, and of course Tenma followed her. When out the forest Niku was chasing after the Tynamo behind her Tenma running from the Braviary.

niku just couldn't take it anymore, and used attract on the Braviary which stopped it in its tracks. Niku yelled to Tenma to keep running and get her bag back, and while running past her Tenma high fived her(awsomeness). Tenma chased the Tanmo into a cave where there was tons of patrat, all surrounded by one watchog which seemed like its leader. and in his hands he was holding the relic stone! Tenma ran towards watchog, but Tanmo attempted to trip him but instead, Tenma jumped up and used Take down on the Tanmo, leaving him on the ground, defeated. Tenma revived upon recoil, and picked up Niku's bag, and Dashed towards Watchog at a fast speed, and ended up right in front of it. Watchog couldnt react fast enough, and Tenma used shadow ball right in point blank range. Watchog had dropped the relic stone and flew back to the back of the cave, and fainted. Tenma had picked up the relic stone and had put it in Niku's bag. all the patrat was all frightened and didnt attack him while leaving out like a total boss.

Niku's part--------

While Tenma ran off after the Tanmo she hoped he would be able to get back her bag.
while looking infront of her the Braviary, didnt even have affect against her attract.
Braviary shot a weak Hyper beam at her, being as cool as she is she used Rock smash and hit it back at the braviary. it dodged the hit. Niku had ran up a tree and used flame wheel hitting it in the face, making it hit a tree. Braviary got back up and used Sky attack right at niku, she reacted fast and used Rock smash at the ground and a rock flew up from it making the Braviary crash right into it, making it faint. Tenma had called out to her and gave her back her bag with the relic stone in it. they returned it to the mayor and completed their first mission.
Alright i updated it more gonna finish it till the ending.
sorry for the second upload ; w;

The picture --> [link]
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theMysteryGamer Jul 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
holy cheese O.O thats a great mini Art ;w;!
King-Meteor Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
bigger version of the picture is here [link] if you want to see it better c:
and thanks xD
theMysteryGamer Jul 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ok :D
Alice-vash Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cx amazing i cant wait to see the rest! :eager:
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